Team:Tokyo Tech/Sponsors


iGEM Tokyo Tech 2010 "E.coli with Humanity"

We did our experiments and join to iGEM Jamborees by the sponsors following. We express our appreciation for their help!


Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing

Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing(CODAMA) is open for Tokyo Tech students.It supports Manufacturing(in Japanese MONOTSUKURI)and all of the Tokyo_tech students could do not only scientific experiments but also producing unique products.

Aizawa Foundation

Aizawa Foundation was established by Masuo Aizawa,the ex-President of Tokyo Tech. The purpose of the Foundation is to support students financially, especially those who belong to the department of bioscience and biotechnology.

Tokyo Tech 130th anniversary

Tokyo Tech Derives-The World Changes --Meeting the 130th anni of Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Institute of Technology (TOkyo Tech) will celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2011. Tokyo Tech's primary mission is to develop global human capabilities par excellence, pioneering research and education in science and technology.

In the project for the 130th anniversary of Tokodai, "Tokodai 130," Tokodai will appeal for responses to various global issues from many quarters based upon the Monodzukuri (Hands-on Technology) tradition. We will make the most efficient and productive use possible of the features of research and education at the university, conforming to the high expectations that society and the world have placed on us. By further developing the collaboration with industry, government and academia that has been cultivated so far, we will tackle the difficult problems before us.


We ordered the synthesis of MpAAT1(BBa_K395602) and crtW(BBa_K395705) from Mr. GENE. Without GENEART, our project will has not been completed.Thanks!