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Our lab

Located 5 minutes walk from the Luxembourg Gardens at the Paris Descartes Medicine Faculty in Cochin, the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity CRI was founded in 2005 as a convivial place at the crossroad between Life Sciences and exact, natural, cognitive and social sciences. Our environment includes a fully-equipped seminar room, a meeting room, office space for visiting professors, a library and coffee rooms and a modelling as well as wet-lab space. The CRI supported its students over three years ago to form the first French team to the iGEM and the tradition is continuing... This is where all happened!

Our Student Team

Hi! This is our iGEM team. We are 8 undergrad students from different disciplines who have worked together over this summer to design, build and test the counting bacteria. We also had great instructors and supervisors who helped us a lot with their advise and experience. It was a great group work experience, we've learned a lot and also had fun! Everyone had a chance to work on all parts of the project, but we divided the responsibilities for different aspects among our team members.

Memo-cell team

Xavier Duportet

Undergrad, Master 2 AIV

Antoine Decrulle

Undergrad, Master 1 AIV

Stéphane Pinhal

M2 student, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Population counter team

Raphaël Pantier

3rd year Pharmacy student, Paris-Sud 11 University , INSERM School

Aleksandra Nivina

4th year Pharmacy student, Université Paris Descartes

Léa Dixon

1st year college student, Lycée Saint-Louis


Théotime Calandra

1st year Medicine student, Université Paris Descartes


Alexandre Richard

Engineering student, Ecole Centrale Paris

Our Advisors

Eric Meltzer

Eric Meltzer is a sophomore student of Biology at Peking University in Beijing. and a 3 year veteran of iGEM.

David Bikard

PhD student, FdV program: Institut Pasteur
iGEM Paris 2007 team member

Yifan Yang

1st year PhD student, FdV program : TaMaRa lab, Cochin lab
iGEM Peking 2007 team member. Yifan co-founded both the Peking University iGEM society and one of the first iGEM teams of China, which won the 2007 iGEM Grand Prize. Yifan's research interests involve the general quantitative features of ageing and the evolution of it, the role of phenotypic variability in evolution, and microbial physiology and ecology.

Anne-Sophie Coquel

2nd year PhD student, INRIA/LIRIS (Lyon) and TaMaRa lab (Cochin, Paris)

Our Supervisor

Ariel Lindner

Co-initiator of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (, Ariel is an INSERM tenured senior researcher and director of the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences ('AIV') master program at the Paris Descartes and Diderot Universities. Ariel has graduated from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) "Amirim" interdisciplinary program with major in Chemistry and received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) in Chemical Immunology for his work on catalytic antibodies as enzyme models, antibody conformational changes and directed evolution. After a research period at the Scripps Institute (California, USA), he received EMBO and Marie Curie fellowships to pursue postdoctoral work in Paris. His study interests evolve around applying Physical, Chemical and Biological approaches to study aging and variability between clonal individuals. Ariel has been leading the Paris iGEM team since its conception over four years ago and cannot wait to bring another trophy home...