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Scientific project : Every bacteria counts!

This counter operates on the principle that the statistical occurrence of a rare event in a large population can be modeled : the percentage of cells expressing a new phenotype is proportional to the number of events occurred. Thus, the cells can cooperate to act as a timer.

This counter takes a new approach to counting in cells, essentially a mechanical rotary counter implemented on a micro scale. Each time the counter detects an input, it performs an excision and integration directly down-stream of the active site, turning on a reporter and rotating over one "notch" on the counter.

Human Practice projects

This year, iGEM team Paris has made a piece of software to analyze the word content of iGEM wikis. We have implemented an algorithm that uses Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIP) to try and extract the meaning of a text, an approach which has been used recently by Amazon to find relationships between books. We have extracted and calculated this for the last 3 years of iGEM, and have made the data freely available.

Synbioworld is a collaborative web platform created to give the synthetic biology community a place to talk, share data and resources, and stay abreast of new developments in the field. Developed by iGEM Paris past and present members in collaboration with members of the Peking U. and UCSF teams, SynBioWorld's beta version has been tested across the world and will be available for trial during this year's Jamboree! Come and discover SynBioWorld in the dedicated session on Saturday.


We've used an online lab notebook to list our experiments day by day.

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