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Miniprep of filamentous cell part


The aim of the experiment is to prepare stocks of the plasmid DNA containing our filamentous cell part.

Materials and Protocol

Please refer to protocols mentioned below for materials required:


yneA 1 yneA 2 yneA 3 yneA 4
Concentration of DNA ng/µl 247.3 233.6 456.6 140.0

Table 1: Nanodrop spectrophotometer results. Table represents the amount of plasmid present in µl/ml quantity.

Nanodrop1882010.jpeg Figure 1: Screenshot of yneA tube 1 Nanodrop18820102.jpeg Figure 2: Screenshot of yneA tube 2 Nanodrop18820103.jpeg Figure 3: Screenshot of yneA tube 3 Nanodrop18820104.jpeg Figure 4: Screenshot of yneA tube 4


The concentration of the different tubes range from 140.0 µl/ml to 456.6 µl/ml. The standard value for miniprep extraction is ~150 µg/ml.


High DNA concentration was obtained.

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Double digest of filamentous cell part, pSB1C3 and pGFP-rrnB

We performed double digests of the filamentous cell part and pSB1C3 using EcoRI and SpeI, ready for ligation.

We also performed double digests of the filamentous cell part and pGFP-rrnB using EcoRI and NheI, ready for ligation.

Materials and Protocol

Please refer to Restriction digests.

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