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  • Alan Koh Singapore
    • I am a first year PhD student with a biotechnology and microbiology background. My research area is identifying factors that regulate the initiation of DNA replication in the model Gram-positive organism Bacillus subtilis. Apart from that, I love to travel and I am a food lover. Yummy! That's why I'm fat!
  • Jannetta Steyn England
    • MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology
    • Main roles in iGEM team: Workflows, Graphics, Wiki
    • Hobbies: I do Tae Kwon Do and play with my two kids.
    • Favourite quote: "Youth ages, Immaturity is outgrown, Ignorance can be educated, drunkeness sobered. But stupid lasts forever", Aristophenes
  • Harsh Sheth India
    • I am currently in my third year studying BSc Hons Human Genetics and I am particularly keen on cell cycle and it's regulation. My main hobbies are listening to music and watching documentaries on TV. I have an urge to learn new things and give everything a different perspective. With iGEM I can widen the spectrum of my skills and can learn new techniques. My main role in the team is to do research on the genetics of B. subtilis.
  • Philip Hall England
    • I am currently studying my third and final year in BSc Biochemistry. Apart from synthetic biology, I am also passionate about music and acting, particularly the works of Gilbert and Suillivan. I am currently preparing for the University Christmas choral/orchestral concert and to play the roles of Ernest Dummkopf in the Grand Duke and Earl Tolloller in Iolanthe.
  • Rachel May Boyd England
    • I am currently studying Genetics. My main hobby is karate, I am currently training towards second Dan. I enjoy studying the sciences and think iGEM is a great opportunity to broaden my range of skills.
  • Steven Woodhouse England
    • I'm a third year undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of Newcastle. I've recently become interested in the areas of computational and synthetic biology.
  • Younus Essa England
    • I am currently a third year student at Newcastle University studying Biochemistry with Immunology.
  • Deena Tsu Malaysia
    • I am a third year Civil Engineering student. I am having a lot of fun learning synthetic biology and at the same time doing lab works.


  • Professor Anil Wipat England
    • Professor of Integrative Bioinformatics
    • One of the Computing/Biology hybrids that runs the iGEM team.
  • Dr. Jennifer Hallinan Australia
    • Academic Fellow of School of Computing Sciences
    • The other Computing/Biology hybrid that runs the iGEM team.


  • Professor Colin Harwood England
    • Professor of Molecular Microbiology
  • Dr Jem Stach England
    • Lecturer of School of Biology
  • Dr Colin Davie England
    • Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Dr Matthew Pocock England
    • Senior Research Associate
  • Dr Wendy Smith England
    • Research Associate
  • Goksel Misirli Turkey
    • PhD Student in School of Computing Science
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