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About us

Yagiz Alp Aksoy

Yagiz is a senior student majoring in Biomolecular Sciences and he is the leader of Macquarie_Australia Team. Before starting his “adventures at Macquarie”, Yagiz studied Molecular Biology and Genetics for 2 years in Izmir Institute of Technology and spent a short semester in London International Youth and Science Forum as representative of Turkey. After transferring to Macquarie Uni. to continue his undergrad., the very first thing he did was to ask his future boss to participate to the iGEM 2008. His proposal was refused but he was offered to work as a research assistant instead. Since then, he undertook various research projects in EMMA Lab. and got himself ready for iGEM. In 2010, he eventually fulfilled his dream of participating to iGEM accompanied by wonderful teammates. Yagiz loves synthetic biology and genetic engineering, and he wants to pursue his PhD in a related area. Yagiz enjoys playing chess and practices Wing Chun Kung Fu. Yagiz can be contacted on

Hilal Varinli

Hilal is in her final year of Bachelor of Biomolecular Science degree in Macquarie University. She came to Macquarie University as a transfer student after studying one year in Istanbul Technical University and another year in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Apart from her study, she works as a research assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences for the last two years. So far, she has participated in a number of molecular projects involving genetic typing of birds (Bell Miners, Noisy Miners, Brush Turkeys), and population genetics in marine and freshwater fish (Parma, Girella, Melanotaenia and Gambusia). She is interested in the area of metagenomics where she can have her hands on genes and proteins. Hilal Varinli can be contacted on

Joanna Hare

Joanna Hare - Joanna is an undergrad student finishing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biomolecular Science. Joanna hopes to undertake an honours project next year and after that she plans to apply for a PhD to further her research skills. One day she would like to work in a research lab somewhere combining her key interest areas of genetics and molecular biology. Joanna can be contacted on

Olga Ibrahim

Olga Ibrahim is currently studying a double degree at Macquarie University in Science and Education. She is looking forward to her future career and hopes to be an inspiring high school Chemistry teacher. Olga is enjoying the iGEM competition and has already taught her so many new skills from laboratory to teamwork skills. Olga loves to bring fun to the labs and is very excited to head to Jamboree in November 2010 for the iGEM competition! Olga Can be contacted on

Sangeev Santhirasegaram

Sangeev is in his final year as an undergraduate student at Macquarie University doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biomolecular Science. He has a background in Biology,Chemistry and Microbiology. Sangeev enjoys the experience he is gaining through iGEM and hopes it will assist him to gain a better understanding of some of the major scientific research which is occurring in Science today. Sangeev can be contacted on

Katherine Mackenzie

Katie is an undergrad science student at Macquarie University who is studying proteomics and biotechnology. Katie hopes to go on to study honours and eventually a PhD. She is an advocate for the environment and is passionate about making a sustainable world for the future. In her spare time Katie loves to travel, she just spent 2 years travelling Europe and India. She is enjoying working with the iGEM team! Katie can be contacted on