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Engineering a Bacteriophytochrome switch – creating a controllable E. coli

c h a m e l e o n


G’day and welcome to the Macquarie University iGEM homepage from the land down under!!

(Australia, that is…!).

This is the first time we have entered the competition and four of our team members will be travelling to MIT.

We are looking forward to meeting other groups from all around the world! We are all really excited to be lucky enough to participate in such a significant competition.

We hope you find a lot of helpful information on our Wiki. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the “About Us” tab located on the bar on the left hand side of this page! If you are interested, you can also check out our facebook and twitter pages!

About Macquarie University

Macquarie University, a welcoming community which is comprised of 31,000 students, with 8,800 international students from over 114 countries.

Macquarie University is ranked as one of Australia’s top nine universities and one of the top 40 universities in the Asia-Pacific region. We are recognised for having an innovative curriculum, high-quality teaching and research, and unique campus environment.

Students that are involved in this community are all encouraged to develop qualities, skills and knowledge essential to their future success.

Macquarie’s goal is to reach the top eight research-intensive universities in Australia and among the top 200 in the world by its 50th anniversary in 2014.

Macquarie has recently established the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, advanced into high-technology engineering, and identified concentrations of research excellence (COREs), meaning the Macquarie concentrates on distinct research areas of the highest quality.

Macquarie also has doctoral research partnerships with 53 universities from 22 countries.

'''2010 iGEM Teams'''

38 Teams From Europe
37 Teams From the U.S.
34 Teams From Asia
10 Teams From Canada
4 Teams From Latin America
4 Teams From Australia
1 Team From Africa