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Thanks to Macquarie University , the MQ Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre and U@MQ for funding and support, without which we would never have been able to enter into the iGEM competition, be able to travel to America in November. And thanks for the team shirts which we will gladly wear to represent our team in representing Macquarie University at MIT.

A big thanks to Associate Professor Rob Willows , the man behind the project, Professor Nicki Packer for all your support and a special thanks to Dr Louise Brown for all of her organisation, time, support and effort in the team and competition and as an awesome lecturer, and Professor Helena Nevalainen for her expertise in experimental design and planning.

Thankyou to Professor Ian Paulsen for all of his advisory and technical support and for allowing us to use his ideas, kits and lab. And to Professor Michael Gillings also for his advisory support and for helping us to interpret experimental results and use of his lab.

Thanks to our wiki expert Manish K Sharma for all of his help and efforts on the wiki.

And thanks to Karl Hassan for coming to Jamboree with the team!

Thanks to Yagiz Alp Aksoy and Hilal Varinli , for all of the hours spent in the lab, your awesome laboratory skills and brains! We really appreciate your hard work over these months.

Thanks to Joanna Hare , Olga Ibrahim for all the time and effort spent into getting the Wiki done.

Thanks also to Katie Mackenzie and Sangeev Santhirasegaram for being part of the team and for desiging the poster that we are taking to Boston.

And finally to Yagiz , Hilal , Joanna and Olga for flying over to Boston to represent the Macquarie University team at iGEM Jamboree 2010!

Macquarie's first year in the iGEM competition:

what we have achieved

This is the first time that we have been lucky enough to enter this competition. We should note that all the gene cloning experiments conducted over the past 5 months have been carried out by the six Undergraduate team members. Professor Robert Willows kindly provided us with the pET-3A vector with the Heme Oxygenase gene already inserted and the sequencing was done by the Macquarie Sequencing Facility.

We have established a foundation upon which Macquarie University teams can build on in future years and will encourage students to take part in such a fantastic competition and have as much fun as we have!