E.Coli Pen

Our team, KIT-Kyoto suggests an “E.Coli Pen” as new Art Tool. This brand-new pen uses no ink but medium which E.Coli has been cultured. It is able to express more than one color with single bacterial culture. This is one of the features worthy of mention. E.Coli Pen works with mechanism of oxidative stress reaction. Stressed by receiving H2O2, genetically modified E.Coli expresses fluorescent protein. By using some promoters with different sensitivity, each gene coding fluorescent protein at their downstream has been regulated. Different from previous Bioart in iGEM, “E.Coli Pen” enables us to purely enjoy the Art with feeling affinity to biotechnology.

Human Practice

(1)Open Campus

On August 10,we made a booth to introduce iGEM in KIT Open Campus and explained activity of iGEM to a visitor.
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(2)iGEM Japan Survey