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SynBioWave MileStones

SynBioWare was initially launched by the Freiburg Software iGEM team of 2009. The idea came up shortly after Google first introduced their Wave project. It seemed like the ideal platform for a software suite for collaborative work in Synthetic Biology. By that time SynBioWave was the first project that used multiple robots and gadgets combined, which was a great challenge for the developers.

iGEM Jamboree 2009

Some screen shots from an early version of SynBioWave as presented at the iGEM jamboree 2009.

At the iGEM jamboree the Freiburg software team presented an early version of SynBioWave. They were capable of importing and exporting biological data and showed how the interaction between the robots and gadgets works. Actual robot to robot interaction was not possible then, so no real extension robots were possible (only some proof-of-concept drafts). But the first steps were taken and development went on after the jamboree already in preparation for iGEM 2010.

Robot API 2.0

In march 2010 Google released the Robot API 2.0 and thus made robot-to-robot communication far more easy than it was before. Many of the new features could be used to improve SynBioWave.