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Monday 9/6

  • Colony PCR cultures of L95 (HSP-LacI-EYFP) cells imaged under microscope
    • Cells are vastly overgrown and unhealthy (cultures visualized after one weekend)
  • Fresh cultures of L95 cells grown in preparation for a proper microscope imaging session

Tuesday 9/7

  • Digested successful sigma32 (HtpR) BioBrick in preparation for ligation into pSB1C3 chloramphenicol backbone
    • Treat the digestion like a backbone digestion
  • Ligated the digest into pSB1C3
  • Cleaned up the lab in preparation for mandatory leave of absence

Wednesday 9/8

  • Photographed the results of transglutaminase long-term testing (6 week span)
    • Results are stunning: TGase + cells, TGase + cell lysate forms a dark grey-colored brick about 7mm diameter (culture tube was approximately 13-14mm inside diameter!)
    • Several TGase + acid and TGase + base show very dark, vivid colors unattributable to the acid/base
  • Mandatory leave of absence begins

Thursday 9/9

The lab is being used by a class.

Friday 9/10

The lab is being used by a class.

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