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Favorite Bricks & Characterization Data

Heat shock promoter: BBa_K338001

HSP-LacI: BBa_K338002

Plastic, part 1: BBa_K338003

Plastic, part 2: BBa_K338004

All Bricks

Part Name Brick Number Resistance Subparts
phaB1.RBS (plastic intermediate) BBa_K332023 Cm BBa_K156013, BBa_B0034
Heat-Shock Activated Promoter BBa_K338001 Amp Original part
Heat-Shock or IPTG Induced Generator BBa_K338002 Kan BBa_K338001, BBa_R0011, BBa_B0034
pLacI.RBS.phaA.RBS (plastic intermediate) BBa_K338003 Kan BBa_R0011, BBa_B0034, BBa_K156012, BBa_B0034
phaB1.RBS.phaC1.TT (plastic intermediate) BBa_K338004 Kan BBa_K156013, BBa_B0034, BBa_K156014, BBa_B0015
phaA.RBS (plastic intermediate) BBa_K338022 Cm BBa_K156012, BBa_B0034
phaC1 with Double Terminator BBa_K338024 Cm BBa_K156014, BBa_B0015
+OmpR, +(CinR-HSL) Double Promoter BBa_K338029 Tet BBa_R0082, BBa_R0077
GFP Reporter Device, Heat-Shock Induced BBa_K338042 Kan BBa_K338001, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040, BBa_B0015
+Heat-Shock, +CinR-HSL Double Promoter BBa_K338046 Kan BBa_K338001, BBa_R0077
GFP Reporter Device, Heat-Shock or IPTG Induced BBa_K338062 Cm BBa_K338001, BBa_R0011, BBa_B0034, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040, BBa_B0015
Heat-Shock Activated Generator BBa_K338081 Kan BBa_K338001, BBa_B0034
GFP Reporter Device, Cinr-HSL Induced Not Submitted Cm BBa_R0077, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040, BBa_B0015
HSL with Double Terminator Not Submitted Cm BBa_C0076, BBa_B0015
Constitutive Generator Not Submitted Kan BBa_J23119, BBa_B0034
CinR with Double Terminator Not Submitted Cm BBa_C0077, BBa_B0015
+IPTG, +(CinR-HSL) Double Promoter Not Submitted Cm BBa_R0011, BBa_R0077
OmpR Induced Generator Not Submitted Tet BBa_R0082, BBa_B0034
HSL.TT.pLacI.p(CinR-HSL) (intermediate) Not Submitted Amp BBa_C0076, BBa_B0015, BBa_R0011, BBa_R0077
HSL Device, CinR-HSL Induced Not Submitted Kan BBa_R0077, BBa_C0076, BBa_B0015
HSL Device Not Submitted Kan BBa_B0034, BBa_C0076, BBa_B0015
Heat-Shock Activated Generator Not Submitted Kan BBa_K338001, BBa_B0034
GFP Reporter Device, OmpR Induced Not Submitted Cm BBa_R0082, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040, BBa_B0015
GFP Reporter Device, Constitutive Not Submitted Kan BBa_J23119, BBa_B0034, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040, BBa_B0015
K124014 Holin with Double Terminator Not Submitted Cm BBa_K124014, BBa_B0015
K124017 Lysis Cassette with Double Terminator Not Submitted Cm BBa_K124017, BBa_B0015
CinR Device, OmpR or CinR-HSL Induced Not Submitted Amp BBa_R0082, BBa_R0077, BBa_C0077, BBa_B0015
CinR Device, OmpR Induced Not Submitted Amp BBa_R0082, BBa_B0034, BBa_C0077, BBa_B0015

If your iGEM team is interested in any of our unsubmitted parts, let us know and we might be able to send them to you directly.

Email: igem at caltech dot edu


The red/infrared light apparatus

The red/infrared light emitting apparatus we built to test our heat shock promoter was modeled after the original Light Cannon. It features a theater lamp with a Roscolux #22 Deep Amber red/infrared light filter (Amazon, Spectrum Data).

We placed this light on the bench top above a rudimentary stage. By varying the height of the lamp above the stage, we could vary the temperature and light intensity at the stage. In the image, the stage temperature was measured to be 42°C.

Stage of the light apparatus; temperature at 42°C.
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