Team:UCL London/Week 4




Champions week - Week 4

19th - 25th July 2010


Today was our first real glimpse at the real competition at stake here. WE got a chance to meet and mingle with other universities in Newcastle who were hosting this years UK iGEM conference. It was interesting to listen at the wide variety and range of ideas and ambitions that the other teams had. Our presentation went well to say the least and although we were asked some tough questions we managed well, especially as we had only been on the project for around a week. Nevertheless, the following team building exercise allowed us to immerse into different groups and socialize with other individuals from across the country. We finished the day with a nice meal togethe at La Tasca along the riverside, rainy, but still a great end to our day.


Had to wake up early to go to iGEM lectures, second day in Newcastle. Finished at 12 pm, and we were desperate to kill time, so we decided to watch "Inception". By 5 pm we were out of their and back to good old London and its kebab shops. We were all fired up following this conference and on the way back spent hours planning how we were going to make this iGEM even more successful then last years, and how we will go about beating our competitors, it was definitely going to be close and tough, but we knew we had it in us!


The 1st Portico meeting took place at 9.00 in the morning, with a cup of coffee on everyone's hands and sleepy faces talking about championships and splitting of tasks.Okay, point being, it was a friendly and nice meeting, where we established the goals of the final projet and outlined targets for the following weeks, and the main purpose was to give feedback to the rest of the team who couldn't make the trip to Newcastle.


Week 5

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