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Over the past few months, it really has been a great privilege to be able to work with David Benett and Giulia ricci, our very own artists and desginers who have sacrificed their time to try and spice up our project. This isn't to say that it has been easy, it's been a real challenge in our attempts to explain to them and try and get them to capture the real essence of our work in the lab and of Synthetic Biology and Science around us and try to translate those ideas into simple artistic images and logos which could then be implemented into our works. And to say the least, it has definitely been a success, and below is a summary of all their work:

The Beginning - The rise and fall of The Pavlov


Some initial ideas for the team name were related to the classical building at the centre of UCL, which has 10 columns like there are 10 team members in the iGEM team, here remade with pipettes in place of columns.


As for the project name, Pavlov’s dog experiment was thought as an effective way to explain the lab process; so we thought about logos that could exemplify that cyclic process, with a cheeky reference to the salivating dog.


David was inspired by the Pavlov idea, and tried to play on the words by comparing it to Georgian dolls and also he came up with the idea of "Pavlov's Conditioner", both interesting inital thoughts that could've been implemented into mascots or logos.


Project/Team names


Who thought deciding a project and team name could be such hard work. For the Project Name, it was a moment of true ingenuity from Ali, from the start he wanted to implement the word Hypox and somehow it came to him, HYPOX-ON. ~That was a real relief, and so with that in mind, the artists set about creating various designs such as those exhibited below.

Team Name

In terms of Team names, they went out all guns blazing and came up with some really amazing team names, so amazing we literally couldn't decide between the lot

The Pavlov activators
The cell-actives
The cell-ulights
The Pavlov’s cell-ulights
 The cell-mates
The cell-u-(don’t)-lose
The cell-f-induced
The cell-f-aware
The cell-f-conscious
The cell-f-igniters
The sell ons

One must admit that the level of creativity exhibited is quite outstanding!

Fermentation Animation

Giulia has always been one to simplify everything into building blocks, this can be observed in her desgins and her patterns. And that's exactly what she has done, she's taken our project and simplified it into what everybody loves, Lego bricks. Using the bricks, she managed to make a small animation showing the changes in various componenets during our fermenation steps, so for those who don't understand what we're about, it's definitely worthwhile you watching the following clip.





Creating a mascot called for making Hypoxon a character; since we were already working with Lego as our building bricks (which somehow resonate with Biobricks!), the whole idea of the ‘80s videogames came out and this little creature was born. The double colour refers to the change of colour happening in the lab process.


Poster Template


Continuing with the cheeky 80's video game mascott, we decided to make a template for a poster out of it. We knew that space invaders appealed to everyone, we've all been through that global "space invader's phenomenon" you might say, and believed that as a poster it could generate a lot of interest.

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