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Tec de Monterrey

Dr. Mario Moisés Álvarez

Dr. Mario Álvarez Mario Moisés Álvarez is the former director of the Center for Biotechnology at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in México. He is the coordinator of the Biotechnology Graduate Program at Monterrey Tech, and one of the youngest scientists in México ranked at high level by the Mexican System of Researchers, where he holds a Level 2 Researcher status. Dr. Álvarez has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, a Master on Science in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University, another Master on Science in Process Engineering from ITESM, and a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry from ITESM. He did a postdoctoral stay at Bristol Myers Squibb, at the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, working in different projects related to the design and scale-up of Pharmaceutical Processes, particularly reactive and crystallization processes.

Dr. Álvarez main area of scientific expertise is laminar mixing (mixing operations at low speed or in high viscosity conditions). Currently, his group is working in the application of mixing knowledge on the design of bioreactors. These includes the design of novel high performance bioreactor systems for animal cell culture, the diagnosis of mixing performance in bioreactor by reactive methods, and the study of non-ideal mixing conditions in bioreactive systems.

M. Sc. Sergio Ángel García Echauri

M. Sc. Sergio García Sergio Ángel García Echauri is a current researcher at the Center for Biotechnology at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in México, where he is developing his doctorate. His early formation was in the Autonomous University of Baja California, where he obtained his title as a Biologist. Later, he carried out a thesis on the Isolation and Identification of Psychrophillic Organisms from the Antarctica and Expression of a Superoxide Dismutase from Deschampsia antarctica in Escherichia coli.

During the influenza outbreak in 2009, Sergio was part of the team that developed a novel technique for its detection and the creation of a recombinant vaccine against the A/H1N1 from cell culture. Thanks to this work, he was granted participation in the Novartis fourth annual global BioCamp, an event for the biotechnology leaders from the best universities in 27 countries from the world held at Cambridge, Massachusets in October 2009.

Dr. Manuel Indalecio Zertuche Guerra

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M. Sc. José Manuel Aguilar Yáñez

M. Sc. José Manuel Aguilar José Manuel Aguilar majored in Biology with specialty in Molecular Biology at the Baja California Autonomous University. In 2007, he got a Master of Science with specialty in Biotechnology at ITESM, in which he received Honorary Mention for Excelence and Outstanding Thesis Mention. He has two scientific publications and two more under revision, as well as five national patent requests and one Patent Cooperation Treaty. As of now, he works at ITESM as a professor and is on his way to finish his PhD.

M. Sc. Johari Salgado Gallegos

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Felipe López Pacheco

M. Sc. Sergio García Felipe López Pacheco has a technical degree in Biotechnology and is currently majoring in Biotechnology Engineering. As part of a joint project between the Landsteiner Pharmaceutical Group and ITESM, he is in charge of performing ELISAS to find antibodies. He is originary from Tecamac in Mexico State.