Tec de Monterrey

For our project, we submitted ten BioBricks to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Most of these parts are related to the two families of PoPS amplifiers that we developed and characterized for our project. Two parts are genetic devices that were used to characterize the PoPS amplifiers. We also submitted our final construction that is the genetic device that powers our “intelligent biosensor”.

Favorite Tec-Monterrey 2010 iGEM Team PartsEdit
 WBBa_K427005DeviceMuC sensitivity tuner (PoPS->PoPS)Jan Marte Contreras Ortiz628
 WBBa_K427006DeviceMuMor Sensitivity tuner (PoPS->PoPS)Jan Marte Contreras Ortiz587
 WBBa_K427007DeviceTer PBadweak Mu C Ter Pmom GFP cassetteDiana Ostos Rangel1755
 WBBa_K427008DeviceTer PBadweak Mu Mor Ter PM GFP cassetteTatiana J. Núñez Elizondo1714

Tec-Monterrey 2010 iGEM Team Parts SandboxEdit
   BBa_K427000RegulatoryPBad Weak ReverseTatiana J. Núñez Elizondo130
   BBa_K427001Translational_UnitC protein of the Mu bacteriophageJan Marte Contreras Ortiz438
   BBa_K427002Translational_UnitMor protein of Mu bacteriophageJan Marte Contreras Ortiz405
  BBa_K427003RegulatoryPm promoter of Mu bacteriophageJan Marte Contreras Ortiz71
  BBa_K427004RegulatoryPmom promoter of Mu bacteriophageJan Marte Contreras Ortiz79
  BBa_K427009DeviceIntelligent arabinose biosensor with differential response Jan Marte Contreras Ortiz5138