Tec de Monterrey

Who is Wiki Wiki?

Wiki Wiki is our team mascot. It is a peacock that lives happily in the school and has achieved its notoriety by squeaking loudly at inadequate moments and by angrily blocking the entrance to our working place, the Biotech Center.

He is quite a random character of the institution and has a family of equally crazy peacocks wandering around campus. Wiki Wiki loves to show off, as you can see on this amateur video of him getting on top of a wall and proving that he totally rules over the school or in this other video where he proves his ownership of the library as well.

Wiki Wiki won over the other school animals (deers, squirrels, ducks, cats...) to be the official iGEM Team Mascot simply because he has way more attitude than the rest of them. While the others walk quietly around campus, being almost imperceptible and boring, Wiki Wiki opens his enormous tail of colorful plumage that intimidates every living creature that dares cross his way. And for that, we truly respect him.

The Real Wiki Wiki

The Wiki Wiki Videogame

As we waited for electrophoresis, ligations, digestions and other experiments that take quite a while and leave you with little to do, we developed the Wiki Wiki game. Actually, it is an adaptation of Syobon Action, the so-called “Most difficult game ever” with Wiki Wiki as the main character, accompanied with other animals that dwell in our university –squirrels, ducks and deers, mainly- that try to take away Wiki Wiki’s position as the iGEM mascot. Along the way, Wiki Wiki will find a lot of references to iGEM since the ultimate prize is to win the competition.

We do not take credit for any of the coding of the game, we only did the character design. The official website of the original game can be visited here (Beware, it is in Japanese and we couldn’t understand a thing). We do not mean by any means to claim that the game belongs to us and if there is any need to take it down, we will, immediately.

Screenshots & Characters


Instructions: Unrar the archive and just execute the file iGEM.exe.