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    Our team submitted a library of thoroughly characterized and standardized parts. Therefore contributing an alternative set of tools towards heavy metal detection and decontamination in the iGEM context. What's more, as our MerR-family-derivated engineering method could be applicable in nearly all cases of heavy metal, our parts and corresponding documents provide a streamlined method for heavy metal bioreporter and bioabsorbent construction.

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    Eighteen students and three instructors are working on our project during this summer. We split up into several subgroups whose focus and results you can follow on the Notebook or Project pages. If you want to know more about the subgroups and the people involved, meet us on our Team page.

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Modeling     We adopt the process of Reverse Engineering which in our work means to enumerate all possible network topologies and analysis whether they fit the objection function or not, thus getting the right topology and the proper range of parameters for the designation of our project.
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Human Practice

Biosafety     DNA recombination, Fragment synthesis, Bio-security... these are words that could hardly be ignored when doing researches of synthetic biology, which promises a great many improvements to our understanding of this world. The potential bio-security risk, however, is just around corner.
    Gene horizontal transfer, for example, is worth special attention. This summer, we did a thorough research on this topic, aiming at proactively finding out the current situation in China, a beginner in synthetic biology, and raised the awareness of researchers on such issues.
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