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Tuesday August 31, 2010


Mostly wiki stuff today. All of the pages should be created now. Now it's a matter of adding the content to them all. I am also hoping to get the folding portion of the animation done for Maya by the weekend. I am not certain how well I will be able to meet the deadline, but we shall see.


Today I miniprepped the overnight cultures from yesterday which were of I0500-B0034-MalE31.This was done because I needed more plasmids for construction. I also constructed DegP+GFP generator and DegP+RFP generator with I0500-B0034-MalE31. I used DegP+GFP/RFP generator as vectors and the MalE31 circuits as inserts. The were plated on AK. I also induced CpxR circuit with MalE31 (C4, C6) with 0.15,0.2,0.25,0.3,0.35,0.4,0.45,0.5,0.6 percent arabinose. Tomorrow I will read the GFP output of these on a plate reader to see if the induction works!


Today I worked a lot on editing the transcription translation circuit report. Major changes have been so that it can be wiki ready. I also did a biobrick PCR of pRFP again with the new primers. From yesterday the gel looked promising so I am making more biobrick product. Wrapped up the MalE, MalE31 and nlpE stuff. I have to ask Henry and Emily about expressing these proteins tomorrow.


Today I ran a gel of my PCR products from yesterday in which I attempted to biobrick the MalE and MalE31 signal sequence deletion gene. However, the results were negative- I saw no bands, and no amplification. LAter during the day, I spoke with Dr. Shryvers about the problem and he had suggested to lower the amount of DNA being used, because the concentrations are very high. This will be adjusted, as well, I might use fresh plasmids, because I am suspecting that because of freezing and thawing and re-using the same plasmid, contamination has been introduced.

I have also worked on the report for the wiki. It is done, and referenced, and sent to the team members to be uploaded to wiki. I have also helped a bit with the poster by providing my part on the Human Practice section. I made some diagrams to visualize the Suffield discussions.

I have also read lots of papers on Synthetic Biology and Environment, to better understand this topic. I need this to write the Ethics paper.