Team:Calgary/31 August 2010


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Tuesday August 31, 2010


Mostly wiki stuff today. All of the pages should be created now. Now it's a matter of adding the content to them all. I am also hoping to get the folding portion of the animation done for Maya by the weekend. I am not certain how well I will be able to meet the deadline, but we shall see.


Today I miniprepped the overnight cultures from yesterday which were of I0500-B0034-MalE31.This was done because I needed more plasmids for construction. I also constructed DegP+GFP generator and DegP+RFP generator with I0500-B0034-MalE31. I used DegP+GFP/RFP generator as vectors and the MalE31 circuits as inserts. The were plated on AK. I also induced CpxR circuit with MalE31 (C4, C6) with 0.15,0.2,0.25,0.3,0.35,0.4,0.45,0.5,0.6 percent arabinose. Tomorrow I will read the GFP output of these on a plate reader to see if the induction works!


Today I worked a lot on editing the transcription translation circuit report. Major changes have been so that it can be wiki ready. I also did a biobrick PCR of pRFP again with the new primers. From yesterday the gel looked promising so I am making more biobrick product. Wrapped up the MalE, MalE31 and nlpE stuff. I have to ask Henry and Emily about expressing these proteins tomorrow.