Team:Calgary/2 September 2010


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Thursday September 2, 2010

Chris's gel. Lanes 1-8 are the restriction digest of CpxP, Lanes 9-17 are the PCR of CpxP and Lane 18 is Emily's MalE31 Colony 1.


Today I redid colony PCR for the construction of MalE31 circuit with DegP circuit. It did not give me any amplification. I believe that there is contamination in one of the reagents. I also constructed I0500-B0034 with MalE31 that was amplified with new primers. I will colony PCR them tomorrow and see how the gel looks. I redesigned the poster and incorporated Jeremy's awesome bacteria.


Today, I ran a gel of the CpxP restriction digest that was set up yesterday as well as the regular PCR that was set up yesterday. The gel results can be seen to the right. The first 8 lanes represent the restriction digest that was run of CpxP using EcoRI and PstI. Lanes 9-17 represent the PCR that was run with the CpxP as well. Finally, Lane 18 represents malE31 which will be sent for sequencing. I also did Sigma Aldrich plasmid preparations of MalE colonies 4 and 5 today and subsequently ran them through a restriction digest. I digested R0040, I13504, and I13507 which were then ligated together to create a positive control to GFP and RFP production. They were transformed into Top10 Competent Cells along with p1δSS and p31δSS. Finally, I ran a 1.0% gel of MalE and Jeremy's PCR. However, this was left too long and the DNA ran off the gel. This will be redone tomorrow. I also aliquoted SOC with Dev to use in transformations.