Team:Calgary/25 October 2010


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Monday October 25, 2010


Assigned and obtained various paragraphs from other team members. Uploaded many on the Wiki.


Set up digests of cpxP, malE, malESSdel, I0500-I13507, K135000-I13507-I0500-B0034-malE31 and the psB1AC3 vector. This is to plasmid switch all of the remianing registry parts into the accepted shipping plasmid. After construction and Antarctic Phosphotase treatment, I ligated them and then transformed them into TOP10 Competant E. Coli cells and then innocultaed LB broth culture and left the cultures to grow overnight. Today I also preparted ovenright cultures for an arabinose induction in order to get some more characterizatuon data of the I0500 (arabinose inducible) promoter. I also entered our parts into the Registry of Standard Biological Prats in preparation for shipping tomorrow.


Today I uploaded a whole bunch of wiki contents. I also subcultured and induced DegP cells containing MalE and MalE31 with 12 different arabinose concentrations. I also helped emily with a bunch of plasmid switches that failed before.