Team:Calgary/24 October 2010


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Sunday October 24, 2010


Final touches being added to the wiki over the next few days. Team pages and new header put into place.


Today I trabsformed and plated our remianing plasmid switches (getting our final parts and constructs into the Regitsry accepted psB1C3 vector). I also prepared competant cells containing the I0500-I13504 plasmid in the psB1C3 vector. These cells were then used to transform malESSDel and malE31SSDel expression constructs from the Betton labs so that we can see if malE31SSDel and malESSDel work the way that we expect them to. I also transformed the Lethbridge team's construct into these cells in order to assay cytoplasmic protein msfolding. I also ran gels of my PCRs from yesterday in order to confirm that my construction of I0500-B0034 with the part that we got from Lethbridge was successful as well as to confirm that we were able to get ibpAB into the psBA1C3 vector.


Today I read the previous inductions of MalE and MalE31 in DegP competent cells. I did 15 different inductions. But after interpreting the results, it seemed like the data is not correct. Therefore I will repeat the experiment. I set up overnight cultures of MalE and MalE31 in DegP cells in order to repeat the experiment.