Team:Calgary/10 October 2010


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Sunday October 10, 2010

I13504+I0500+B0034, I13507+I0500+B0034
I13507+I0500+B0034+MalE31 and sRFP


The second podcast in the University of Calgary's Ethics podcasts series was recorded today. We discuss the consequences of open source synthetic biology as well as point out some of it's advantages.


Today I ran a gel of the materials from the colony PCR. The first gel wells 2-6 are I13504+I0500+B0034 colonies, wells 7-11 are I13507+I0500+B0034 and 12-14 are I13507+I0500+B0034 colonies from a different plate. For the second gel, wells 2-8 were different colonies of pRFP and well 9-14 were colonies of I13507+I0500+B0034+MalE31. All the I13504+I0500+B0034 look promising, at least one I13507+I0500+B0034 from well 8 looks promising. For the RFP well 6 looks promising and all the I13507+I0500+B0034+MalE31 looks good.