Team:Warsaw/Calendar-Stage1/2 October 2010


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Initial measurement


Dynamic tests of MinC and its effect of bacterial growth was preformed by means of OD measurement only. 50 μl of over-night cultures of pSB1A2-pT7-B0032-MinC and pSB1A2-MinC were used to inoculaet 3 50 ml flasks of LB (+amp,+cm) medium (one with pSB1A2-MinC and other two with pSB1A2-pT7-B0032-MinC). Cultures were induced with 10 μM of IPTG following initial incubation of 30'. OD was measured every 30 minutes. Results are shown on the plot below.

Kontr.+IPTG - culture with pSB-MinC with induction; MinC+IPTG - culture with pSB-T7-RBS-MinC with induction; MinC-IPTG - culture with pSB-T7-RBS-MinC without induction

These initial mesurements show a clear influence of MinC on bacterial growth. Discrepancies between Kontr.+IPTG and MinC-IPTG cam bei either due to leaky promoter or differences in initial OD. This measurement will be repeated more precisely, with both OD and CFU taken into account.