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BioBrick manager

What can I use it for?

BioBrick Manager is extremely useful tool which helps you with planning your experiments or preparing printable instructions for others. It allows the user to download biobricks from, connect them in order to obtain new parts, save resulting bricks as XML files and - what is the most important thing - to get protocol for creating that particular biobrick!

Why is it so special?

BioBrick Manager is the first program that uses biobrick XML representation! We hope that this XML will spread all over the world and make bioinformatic work in synthetic biology easier and more enjoyable.

Wow! I want to try it, but how...?

It's a web application, so you only need a browser and internet connection to use it.

What's more, a lot of our effort went into designing BioBrick Manager to be as user-friendly as possible:

Screenshot with numbers
  1. Widgets for downloading brick by name or uploading local file
  2. Panel for connecting bricks (confirmation window is displayed)
  3. Information about current operation or errors
  4. List of loaded bricks
  5. Information about currently selected brick and its graphical representation
  6. Buttons for saving work
  7. Tabs for switching between information, sequence and XML editor for currently selected brick

Implementation and challenges

Biobrick manager is implemented in Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine (Java). Those technologies enable easy web application development by "compiling" Java code (client-side) to JavaScript.

Almost everything is done by client - XML operations, drawing bricks, connecting them. Server is used for downloading information from registry or files and saving files.

Source code is available via SVN. Application is hosted using Google infrastructure at It is licensed under AGPL.