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July, 14th

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. We only had colonies in three plates: no-ligation control of the vector pBS1C3, plasmid with gltD** and plasmid with fecI-fecR*-PfecA. Results were not good at all. We ran an analytic electrophoresis of all the used parts to make sure that there were no mistakes in the ligation reaction, and the results were correct. A new ligation reaction was made with the same parts and vectors, and we waited to the next day.

David Caballero. Repetition of electrophoresis in the same conditions, but time, 45’. Results were more favorable in this occasion. There were five spots: fecI, gltD**, fecI-fecR*, fecI-fecR*-PfecA and fecR*-PfecA. Due to their thickness we decided to purify only DNA from PCR reactions for parts fecI, fecI-fecR*-PfecA and fecR*-PfecA. It was made using GFX kit.

Assembly Team

Finally we saw the results today. There wasn’t any colony on any LB+Cm plate so far. The chances are that there was some problem with the antibiotic; we will try to venture which mistakes were made.

  1. Electrophoresis with the purified DNA. So far, results show that all the digestion was correctly made, except for UPO 16, so in that case we will have to repeat the procedure tomorrow.
  2. Biobricks Ligation: in the same way we did the day before. They shall be resting all the night long and the next day we would transform them

DryLab Team

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