Signal transduction circuits

Bacterial Crowding Signal transduction circuits

Notes: Those are the signal transduction circuits we proposed at the beginning of the summer. Here is shown a summary of their components. If you want more information, please, go to project/sensing. At the end, we were focused mainly in the third circuit because of the putative characteristics of FecA/PrhA hybrid protein.

Measuring the performance of the signal transduction circuits

Bacterial Crowding Measuring the performance of the signal transduction circuits

Notes: At first we wanted to use gfp and lacZ to measure the performance of the signal transduction circuits. But there was some problems with the LacZ biobrick of the 2010 distribution and we could not use it. Anyway, we could measure the fluorescence of GFP.

Chemotaxis circuits

Bacterial Crowding Chemotaxis circuits

Notes: Signal transduction circuits are connected to chemotaxis circuits as you can see in the first box. The goal is that signal detection was transduced in chemoattractant synthesis to increase the bacterial population around a non-diffusible signal. Above you can see three chemoattractants we wanted to test. You can read more about these chemoattractants in project/chemotaxis.

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