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Team Tokyo Metropolitan is formed by 24students,and 3instructors and 8advisers.Almost all members belonging to Tokyo Metropolitan Univercity(TMU),depertment of life science.Some of members belongs to TMU,Civil and Environmental Engineering,and Univercity of Tokyo,depertment of Computational Biology.We enjoy activity of iGEM experiments,meeting,and publicity activities.

This is first time to participate iGEM. We all looking forward to meet other teams in Boston!


Mariko Matsuura/Mariko : She must have more than 24 hours in a day!? :-)
 Because she is very active! We respect her very much☆(Tomy)
Satomi Iwata/Tomy : is a lover of the yeast, and it exists in the relation between yeast and the mutualism. (Smith)
Eriko Katsuura/Erieair : She often getting angry.haha But she is thoughtful about her friends ;)(makiron)
Maki Kanaki/Makiron : is a leader of the learning English team. So she is good at English.How I envy her!(Fujimo)
Takayuki Shimizu/Smith : He said that a person who is ready to be disrespected is allowed to disrespectanother person.(Erieair)
Yuki Shimahara/YouKey : Rice team leader, Base(Rice?)ball boy !!(Mariko)
Misa Sueyoshi/misa_s : and me always talking about ideal situations of love. We like to lost in wildfancies... (miku)
Tomohiro Fujimoto/Fujimo : is a very very good webmaster.(Yuki)
Miku Matsumoto/miku : is a kawaii ONEPIECE dancer!!(misa_s)
Sho Inami/shou : is a unique person and good at English.(Rigeru)
Rigeru Suzuki/Rigeru : Winter in Japan , Rigeru twinkles at night sky about piece of Orion.(mizuki)
Mio Nakamura/Mio : is a very interesting person. I respect her eagerneses for studies.(hyamaji)
Mizuki Hayashishita/mizuki : has a cheerful personality.And she has many friends.(mio)
Hideyuki Yamaji/hyamaji : belongs to TMU,Civil and Environmental Engineering.(watachin)
Naoto Shimada/naoto : His hair likes a forest.(nito) He pays attention to detail and is a fast worker. So, he has helping me a great deal.(easily)
Satoru Shimura/easily : Presenter! He is knowleadgeable about anime & manga.(Naoto)
Hiromi Suzuki/NEX : is a mysterious girl, but very cute♪(Hitomi)
Hitomi Nakamura/Hitomi : Web team leader.Because of her beauty and cleverness, she is suitable for secret agents. (watachin)
Ryuto Nitta/nito : His bark is worse than his bite. (Tomy)
Kanoko Maruo/Bambi75 : is cute,smart and a hard worker.(Takahiro)
Takahiro Yamamoto/Taka : Takahiro's smiling face is so friendly and he is good at playing basket ball.(kanoko)
Kazuki Watanabe/watachin : is a very kindness person and he always makes us happy!(NEX)
Kazuhiro Hayashi/kaz : belongs to depertment of computational biology.
 He always helps us by his knowledge about computers!(misa_s)



Hiroyuki Kawahara Hidetoshi Saiga
Kenji Nagashima Koichiro Tamura
Shin Haruta Takashi Okamoto
Koutarou Morimoto
Ryousuke Ootaka
Ryo Ootsuki
Kazuhiro Satomura
Misa Ogura