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Judging Criteria

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We experimented with the following conditions
in order to ensure "researchers safety", "public safety" and "Environmental safety".

  • The laboratory has the structure and equipment for basic biological experiments.
  • We inactivate waste, including living genetically modified organisms before waste.
  • We inactivate genetically modified organisms before waste or use the contaminated facilities, equipment or the instruments.
  • We inactivate genetically modified organisms on the bench immediately after it attached.
  • While experimenting, we have closed the lab door (Except when entering or leaving the lab.).
  • We have close the lab window in order to prevent entry of insects or etc..
  • In all procedures, we minimize the generation of aerosols.
  • When taken out from the laboratory of living modified organisms, we put them into the container and seal it.
  • We wash our hands after handling living modified organisms in order to prevent the infiction of them.
  • We have the parson who do not have knowledge of the experiments not to enter the laboratory.
In addition, our Biobricks do not have the safety issues.

We observed the law “Attacks for bioethics and safety (English / Japanese)” (established by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan) and meet the safety standards.

Attribution and Contribution

We rely on Mr.Kawahara to tell us “how to raise some money”, “where to experiment” and so on ; however , we put all our heads together and we experimented on iGEM TMU members own , without someone(adviser , instructor)’s help.

We helped Edinburgh Team by answering their questionnares.
We helped UNAM-MEXICO Team by answering their questionnares.
We helped Warsaw Team by answering their questionnares.
We helped Freiburg Bioware Team by participated in Cuckoo Clock Competetion.

Six soldiers who guard our safety and peace in the labolatory:)


It is the first time that we participate in iGEM. We have been cooperating and doing our best with experiment , public relations , editing Wiki and so on.
Please check Gallery,Blog and Twitter too.

Team Tokyo Metropolitan was published in newspaper (Daily Yomiuri ver. Tama 1 Aug 2010).



We have a variety of activities in collaboration with other Japanese teams.



  • Tokyo_Metropolitan made iGEM website to connect other Japanese universities.

2.Science café


3.Human Practice

4.International Biotechnology Academic Conference / International Bio EXPO

  • Did a poster presentation and PR activities with Osaka and UT-Tokyo.

Human2 1.jpgHuman2 2.jpgHuman2 3.jpgHuman2 4.jpgHuman2 5.jpgHuman2 6.jpg

5.Japan Meetup

JAPAN5 1.jpgJAPAN5 2.jpgJAPAN5 3.jpgJAPAN5 4.jpg

6.East Japan Meetup

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  • Appeared on a magazine. [ 1,2,3 ].

8.Describing the iGEM2010 project abstract in Japanese.

2010 iGEM JAPAN scheule

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JAPAN2 1.jpg

  • May 18 Meeting for a science café with UT-Tokyo @Tokyo Metropolitan University

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Tokyo_Metropolitan&iGEM JAPAN Tomorrow

  • November 20, 21 Do a poster presentation with Kyoto and UT-Tokyo @Science Agora Tokyo.
  • November 28 Teaching experiments to junior and senior high school students with UT-Tokyo @Tokyo

…iGEM 2011, What do we do next !?