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The 2010 TU Delft iGEM team is made up of nine students that worked throughout the summer in the Enzymology Lab of the Kluyver Laboratory at the Technical University of Delft. With two years of experience in iGEM and after last years' gold medals and awards the TU Delft team is highly motivated to deliver an even better project.


Our goal is of course to take home the prize, but at the same time we would like to increase the awareness of Synthetic Biology among the general public and the academic community. We discuss this extensively on our communication plan, education and safety pages.

Besides our enthusiasm for synthetic biology we also share other common interests for music, photography and sailing. On our gallery page you can find a lot pictures of our team outings and other group activities and on our movies page you can find a collection of all the fun and educational movies we published. We took our interest for music to the next level by forming the iJAM band, with which we played a number of jam sessions.

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