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Team Members

Why so serious? When it comes to representing Synthetic Biology and iGEM we take things serious. Ofcourse we also had a lot of fun. If you would like to get to know us a bit better, come talk to us at the Jamboree or send us an email!


Luke Bergwerff (23)

Education:Biochemical Engineering
Main Task:Modelling
Sub Project:Hydrocarbon Sensing
Half Time:66 days
"Sometimes turtles turn into ninjas."

Pieter van Boheemen (24)

Education:Functional Genomics
Main Task:Money Manager & Wiki
Sub Project:Emulsifier
"I'm blue abedee abedi"

Nadine Bongaerts (21)

Education:Life Science & Technology
Main Task:Human Practices
Sub Project:Hydrocarbon Sensing
Resistance:KAN & AMP
"Minimization and simplification is the key to succes"

Eva Brinkman (23)

Education:Functional Genomics
Main Task:Lab Manager
Sub Project:Emulsifier
"Call me Miss Sequencing"

Jelmer Cnossen (25)

Main Task:Wiki & Modeling
Sub Project:Hydrocarbon Sensing
LD50:2 minutes
iJAM:Jazz Saxophone
"AlkB back!"

Kira Schipper (23)

Education:Biochemical Engineering
Main Task:Organizational Manager
Sub Project:Alkane Degradation
Melting Temp:87 C
"You should buy a Mac"

Hugo Cueto Rojas (23)

Education:Biochemical Engineering
Main Task:The Characterizor
Sub Project:Salt & Solvent Tolerance
Glucose:200 g/L
iJAM:Bass Guitar
"Fiat voluntas Dei", also my well known quote: "IT COULD BE WORSE"

Ramon van der Valk (23)

Education:Molecular Genetics
Main Task:Not-so-safety Manager
Sub Project:Salt & Solvent Tolerance
Accession #:PWN1337
iJAM:Cheer leader
"They made me do it! :'("

Mathias Voges (22)

Education:Cell Factory
Main Task:Science Manager
Sub Project:Alkane Degradation & RBSs
Excitation:200 nm
iJAM:Lead Guitar
"Do not disturb my circles!"


Alessandro Abate

Department:Delft Center for Systems and Control
" there is grandeur in this view of life (c. darwin) "

Aljoscha Wahl

Department:Bioprocessing Technology
Gibbs Free E:-300 kJ
"Nein man! ich will noch nicht gehn ich will noch ein bisschen Tanzen"

Esengul Yildirim

Conductivity:45.2 million S/m
"DNA is life,
the rest is just translation..."


Stefan de Kok

Department:Fermentation Technology
Yield:15 cmol/cmol
"I'm the yeasty boy, yeah!"