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Formal Meeting - 6 October 2010

  • Apologies: Colin Harwood, Jem and Phil
  • Agenda


  • Mention why do we use this bug and that it is able to live in high pH
  • Have to menetion that we all biobrick have been modelled by SBML and copasi
Bacilla Filla slide
  • The solution words to be smaller than the logo
  • Logo have to be the biggest!
  • Solution at the top of the page with a small logo below it then zoom into the logo
Technical review slide
  • Show the link between the genes
  • Some of the summary slide's information to go here, example: swim down the cracks, the tent, spray on, etc.
  • A single shot overview then to the biobricks
  • Say: This is a crack, and here is our bug on the surface of the crack, etc
  • Label the pictures!
  • Animation for the overview, ie, the background to remain the same
Swarming slide
  • Change the flagella of the bug
  • Zoom into the plates
Subtilin slide
  • Show subtilin only when the bug is at the end of the crack
  • Fill up the crack with bugs
  • Describle the subtilin signalling system
  • Change the pveg promoter to the oxygen sensitive promoter
Subtilin immunity slide
  • SAY: Subtilin immunity already in the registry, that is why we use it
  • Mention what the individual CDS do
  • Green tick for those that we did and a red cross for those that we did not
Workflow slide
  • Change the word interesting to valuable to all synthetic biologist
  • Cut down on the script
  • Have to make it fit to the presentation
  • Integration of lots of data that is why we use e-science
YneA slide
  • Put filamentous cells into the pictures
  • Metabolic pathway picture and link it
Glue slide
  • The iGEM plates to go onto it
Kill switch
  • Can bin it
  • Move to the ethic page
Ethic slide
  • Move it to the front after the introduction and also mention in the summary
  • What is the danger and how we make it safe
  • Show that the bug is able to grow in concrete
Urease slide
  • Have to show that calcium carbonate is filling up the cracks
  • Have to say that we are better than the rest
  • Highlight the advantage of ours and the disadvantage of others
  • Mention SR1

Lab feedback

Filamentous cells
  • Redo the microscopic
  • Correlate between the expression of GFP and the length
  • We have colonies
Scanning electron microscopy
  • The concrete samples are already with the EM unit


  • To re-edit the agenda

Action points

  • Rachel and Phil: Characterisation data for filamentous cells brick needs to be put on the wiki and the parts registry.
  • Everyone to do up the presentation slides first.

Next meeting

  • 13th, Wed October, 4 p.m.
  • Chair: Steven, Computer: Alan, Minutes: Deena