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Informal Meeting - 4 June 2010

Urease tutorial - recap

  • Accessory genes and nickel incorporation necessary more complicated than we thought.
  • Software engineering cycle
  • Requirements -> specification-> design-> implementation -> testing -> maintenance back to the requirements
  • Specification more detail on the requirements- literature
  • Urease calcium carbonate, optimise for Bacillis
  • Increase expression- what we thought!
  • Biosynthesis of active BS in the Absence of Known Urease Accessory Proteins: paper
  • Accessory genes required!
  • Look over papers from tutorial
  • Sporosarcina pasteurii
  • Biobrick site symbols
  • Promoter-ribosome- binding- coding sequence –ribosome binding site-coding-ribosome binding coding- terminator sequences ...and spacers
  • pSpac
  • ncbi – find the genome – can see the genes
  • Implementation using sequencher
  • Find the sequence of part
  • Assemble parts
  • Biobrick friendly restriction sites
  • Genbank/embl file format
  • Implementation altered by cloning strategy
  • Biobricks RFC- request for comments
  • duplo and lego don’t fit together
  • Video for lego pipette


  • Group 1 starts 14th June: SW, D.Y AK, (HS); working on Biobrick 2 & 5 (End of crack & signalling system; Glue & lysis)
  • Group 2 starts 21st June: JS, RB, RC, PH, (YE); working on BioBrick 3 & 4 (Non-target-environment kill switch; Spider silk and filamentous cells)
  • All team members working on BioBrick 1 (CaCO3/Urease).
  • RC working on BioBrick 6 (sequential programming)
  • Team members not in the lab training will be working on modeling.
  • HS and YE will unfortunately be away for both lab training sessions, hence the brackets
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