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Formal Meeting - 30 September 2010

  • Everyone present, Apologies: Colin Harwood
  • Agenda


  • Our iGEM T-shirts have arrived!

Previous action points

  • DNA has to received by iGEM by the 27th October, so it must be send by the 20th. Send by Fedex.
  • Judging form is not avaliable yet.

Lab feedback

Filamentous cells

  • We have microscope photos and data on IPTG concentration against cell length.
  • Measure length of non-LacI repressed cells too.
  • Need scatter graph, error bars.
  • Need distribution. Record min and max.


  • We have colonies.

Scanning electron microscopy

  • Should be ready on Monday.


  • Practice Friday 8th October.


  • We have a new design. Will be implemented soon.

Action points

  • Steven and Harsh: remind Wendy to send off DNA.
  • Rachel and Phil: Characterisation data for filamentous cells brick needs to be put on the wiki and the parts registry.
  • Get ready for the talk on the 15th October.
  • Judging form is due in three weeks, but isn't available yet.
  • Younus: Make sure the poster is the right resolution and ratio for A0. Save as .pdf when sending for printing. Leave enough time to check the pre-print (2 or 3 days). Probably needs to be 10x higher resolution than you might think, so it isn't blocky even at very high zoom. Use vector graphics.

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, 6th October, 4 p.m.
  • Chair: Rachel, Computer: Deena, Minutes: Phil