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Formal Meeting - 26th May 2010

  • Minutes for formal meeting 1st April 2010
  • Room: Claremont 922; Start: 3 p.m.
  • Chair: Rachel, Minutes: Harsh, Computer: Steve
  • Agenda

Roll call and apologies

  • Absent: Steven, Younus, Da, Alan, Phil

Approval of agenda and minutes

  • Approved

Brief summary of previous meeting

  • Run the demo tutorial - Richard, Jannetta, Steven

Research Feedback

  • BioBrick 1 (CaCO3/ Urease)
    • BioBrick tutorial taught last to last week by Anil on Urease. Urease has a complicated genetic circuit. Should start forming questions which would help in building the genetic circuit of the BioBrick.
  • BioBrick 2 (End of crack and signalling system)
    • Need to search for the peptides which are to be used for quorum sensing.
  • BioBrick 3 (Non target environment kill switch)
    • There are not many BioBricks in the iGEM registry on bacterial lysis. There is a lot of data on lysis by Richard on the wiki. WE should start looking up for ftsZ and SOS system for lysis and a BioBrick can be made early based on this and can be characterized. Need to look up on ftsZ paper. Bacterial Time Bomb.
  • BioBrick 4 (Spider silk & filamentous cells)
    • Read the 2 papers sent by Anil on glue and spider silk.
  • BioBrick 5 (glue and lysis)
    • No progress made due to focus on other BioBricks
  • BioBrick 6 Sequential Programming
    • Modelling is almost at an end. (Richard)

Visa/Passport update

Harsh called but didn't get any dates for the month of June so will be applying in July again. Send visa draft document to Anil- Harsh

Travel plans

  • Too early to book flights and hotels. May have other members joining.


  • Formal demonstration of Clone Manager next week - Anil

Flow Chart

  1. Are the cells at an optimal density?
  2. Sensing system for glue production
  3. End of crack signalling

Timeline (Janetta)

  • Put timeline up on the current wiki.

Other business

  • None

Action points

  • Send the email to Colin Harwood (Richard)
  • Someone ask Anil to put the powerpoint presentation of the tutorial in the dropbox
  • Booking for the rooms - Jen
  • Rolling booking has been made for CBCB building for every Wednesday - Anil
  • New biobricks have arrived
  • Wendy a post doc and a molecular bilogist would be working with us in the lab and would be guiding us.
  • Lab training will start from the end of June- Anil
  • For the lab trainig the current team will be split into 2 teams and the training would last for 2 weeks where

in the 1st week one team would be undergoing their training and the other team would be designing biobricks and in the 2nd team the tasks will be switched between the 2 teams.

  • Need to plan out what the other team would exactly be doing within that 1 week.
  • Before the end of June we would be making the design of the biobrick.
  • Google up for the video on the tutrial for Cell Designer and Kapasi.
  • Good News: Goksel is now an official advisor of the iGEM team 2010 and would be helping us with modelling

and designing the biobricks.

  • Need to look up on the registry for the biobricks which are used before, which are new and which one needs optimizing- everyone.
  • Move Da from biobrick 2 to biobrick 3.
  • Add Goksel to iGEM 2010 list - Jen.

Next formal meeting

  • Thursday, 3rd June at 3.00 p.m. at CBCB
  • Chair: Harsh, Minutes: Rachel, Computer: Jannetta
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