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Formal Meeting - 26th July 2010

Roll call

  • Everyone present except Da, Prof. Colin Harwood, Dr Colin Davie and Dr Wendy Smith

Research feedback

  1. Levan glue - Levan requires sucrose to work
    • Test how much sucrose is needed - Phil
  2. Kill switch - Use of mazE and mazF
    • How much sucrose is needed for it to work?
    • How fast does the bug use up all the sucrose?
  3. Stochastic switch - Use of hinC as the invertase
    • Matt to work with Phil to work out the probability of the switching
    • Have to work out what is wrong with the iGEM 2009 stochastic switch first
  4. Gibson protocol
    • rocF to require 6 pair of primers, therefore try doing up 2 fragments first
  5. Protocol for yneA
    • Do up the characterization separately, one bacteria to contain yneA to show filamentous, the other to have the lacI
    • Could have nice photo with the different morphology on agar
    • Do not shine UV light on during the gel extraction step to avoid DNA mutation
    • Make up lots of DNA to allow better transformation

Lab feedback

  1. Arginine test - Alan and Harsh
    • Test worked fine.
    • Could refine the test by using universal liquid pH indicator or to use the pH meter
  2. DNA extraction - Harsh and Racheal
    • Could only confirm the result on 27.07.2010


  • Not able to do the drop down menu with the shadow test, therefore could try using htm5
  • Horizontal strip to change to purple


  • Deena to travel to London on 12.08.2010

Action point

  • Talk to Louela - Phil and Harsh
  • Email to iGEM HQ to get stickers and badges - Harsh
  • Hyperlink the protocol page to the lab notebook
  • Lab wiki checker - Alan and Harsh
  • Send reminder to Jen to add Jane to the mailing list - Jannetta
  • Put CBCB and Biomedical school logo onto the wiki - Janetta
  • Write to Chris Voigt to get the source code - Steven
  • Tutorial for Inkscape - Jannetta
  • To check if the extra USA visa immigration form is valid for 2 years - Jen
  • Remind Neil about the MrGene logo - Steven

Next meeting

  • Chair: Phil, Computer: Alan, Minutes: Rachel
  • Next Wednesday, 3pm
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