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Formal meeting - 22 September 2010

  • Chair: Younus, Minutes: Harsh, Computer: Steven
  • Agenda

Roll call

  • Apologies: Da, Rachel, Phil, Alan and Deena
  • Absence: Colin Harwood, Colin Davie and Jem Stach

Lab feedback

  • There should be red colonies on E. coli plates.
  • pSpac and Hyperspank is expected to fully express in E. coli.
  • Arabinose stands a better chance at winning.
  • Arabinose repressor in pSB1AK3. Has to go into B. subtilis 168.
  • iGEM letter plates - gaps left in the sucrose agar filled with cells producing glue and the sand is sticking to the glue, showing the letters. If the plates are turned over, the sand still remains attached.


  • Cement has been mixed, set in tubes, still at 37°C for a day.
  • Make dilute solution containing cells and dip the end of the concrete (dry) in it and let it dry out and send it to EM lab.
  • We went to the EM facility, won't be a problem to take photos of our concrete.


  • Flux balance analysis on wiki by next week


  • Wiki design is ready

27th October Deadlines

  • Project and part documentation due, including documentation for all medal criteria
  • BioBrick Part DNA needs TO BE RECEIVED by the Registry
  • Judging form due
  • Wiki FREEZE at 11:59 pm, EDT (Eastern Daylight Time = UTC−4) So 3:59 am here

Action points

  • Keep on bombarding emails to RMIT and GeorgiaTech tonight itself- Harsh and Steve.
  • Check the deadline for the DNA submission- Younus
  • Start with the judging form (Absolutely important)
  • Characterization has to be on the registry and not on the wiki.
  • Prepare the talk for the 15th Oct. as it is very important- Everyone
  • Also start preparing the poster. Do it in parallel with the presentation- Everyone
  • Write an email to iGEM headquarters for the badges - Harsh
  • Sort out helping other teams.

Next meeting

  • Provisional date and time: Thursday, 30th September, 4 p.m.
  • Chair: Phil, Minutes: Steven, Computer: Deena
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