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Formal Meeting - 21st October 2010

  • Apologies - Phil, Younus, Deena (late)
  • Agenda

yneA Characteristaion:

  • ΔamyE:Pspac(hy)-oid::yneA
  • B. subtilis spread of IPTG may not be homogenous through the population.
  • E. coli has transporter deltions: check E. coli wiki
  • take out pMap65 results
  • Median, Mode add to graph
  • pMutin4 proportion of cells
  • 20% responding- looks like
  • Biomass of cells - length * amount (counts)) against IPTG
  • Lysis acts to counter the overexpression of yneA ... so we have fewer cells
  • Younus AP: send script for yneA to Jen, Matt, Neil
  • Plot: Max cell length against ITPG + Error bars


  • We think we have it cloned infront of GFP
  • B. subtilis transformation tommorrow
  • Fluorescence
  • Characterisation of previous part!!!


  • Damaged building - earthquake

Flux balance

  • difference between optimal and normal

Lab work

  • DNA submitted - tracking number sent
  • 1C3 SR1 has not arrived, we would have had 2 bricks submitted!

Safety page

  • Deena and Harsh
  • Risk assessment - Bacillus
  • BioCOSH
  • Safety Guy talk mention it


  • Phil - DON'T BE AGGRESSIVE!!!!
  • Beginning:
    • say what the project is about
    • mention Bacillus subtilis
    • Why bacillus?
    • bioconcrete- show its current
    • Non-pathogenic not non-virulent
  • BioBricks:
    • Previous work on CaCO3
    • Don't use the word PROVES
    • Alan - Flux first, speak slowly
  • Gold:
    • Jannetta write RFC
    • number on judging form
    • webservice!!!
    • Separate slid for work flows
  • SEM:
    • Images are ours
  • Summary table
    • redo with BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD section?!

Action points:

  • Check presentation and poster submission. Poster next Thursday due in?
  • Phil and Rachel to add characteristation data to the wiki


  • Insurance form
  • Taxi
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