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The work on this project (including part design, computational modelling, lab work and graphic design) was completed entirely by a multidisciplinary team of students.


Sub Projects

Filamentous cells

1. Research and Design

Rachel, Phil, Deena and Jannetta

2. Lab work

Steven, Alan, Rachel and Deena

3. Characterisation and Testing

Harsh and Rachel

4. Modelling

Steven and Jannetta


1. Research and Design

Alan and Steven

2. Lab and Testing

Alan, Harsh and Steven

3. Modelling



1. Research and Design


2. Lab and Testing

Every student

Subtilin Production and Immunity

1. Research and Design

Alan, Steven and Rachel

2. Lab

Phil and Younus

Chassis Testing

Extreme Base Resistance

1. Research

Harsh and Steven

2. Lab

Steven and Harsh


1. Research


2. Lab



Jannetta developed an e-Science Approach to Synthetic Biology with a focus on workflows. She proposed a new standard for a RESTful API which facilitates the discovery and publication of models of functional biological units. The RFC has been submitted to the BioBrick Foundation as BBF RFC 66.

T-shirt Design

The design was formed by Younus, Jannetta and Harsh and the whole team approved the design for the current t-shirt.

Poster Design

The design was put forward by Younus and Rachel and the whole team approved the design.

Presentation Design

The design was put forward by Younus and Jannetta and the whole team approved the design.

Instructors and Advisors

All of our Instructors and Advisors have provided us with their invaluable help and guidance throughout the span of the project.

  1. Prof. Anil Wipat and Dr Jennifer Hallinan have provided us with their invaluable guidance and expertise throughout the length of the project.
  2. Dr Wendy Smith gave us introductory lab session and taught us about the lab safety. She also supervised us throughout our stay in the lab (often into the the early hours :-)
  3. Dr Matthew Pocock helped us with the presentation design and talk.
  4. Prof. Colin Harwood and Dr Jem Stach suggested the antisense RNA approach for the SR1 BioBrick Part. They also helped us in writing the cloning strategies.
  5. Dr Colin Davie provided advice and access to the Civil Engineering labs to prepare and crack concrete.
  6. Mr Goksel Misirili provided help and expertise with modelling.

Details of this work can be found on the Solution, Modelling and Lab book pages. This work is unrelated to the work done by the labs of our instructors and advisors.

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