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Arginine Test


The aim of this experiment is to prove that Bacillus subtilis 168 can take up arginine from the media into the cell.

Materials and Protocol

Please refer to: Arginine test for materials required and protocol.


Hours Negative control Test
0 pH 7 pH 7
1 pH 7 pH 7
2 pH 7 pH 7.5
3 pH 7 pH 7.5
4 pH 7 pH 8
5 pH 7 pH 8


Arginine consists of a positive charge on it and thus is acidic in nature. As the cells take up the arginine from the media, the pH of the media increases. The tube labeled Negative control contains no cells and the pH of the media has remained constant for 5 hours which shows that the level of arginine in the media has remained constant, while the tube labeled Test which contains Bacillus subtilis 168 cells shows an increase in pH which shows that the level of arginine has decreased in the media.


It can be concluded that the Bacillus subtilis 168 cells are able to take up arginine from the media into the cells.

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