Team:Newcastle/27 July 2010


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Genomic DNA extraction experiment

Newcastle alan chromosome.jpg
Newcastle ice chromosome.jpg


The aim of today's experiment is to extract genomic DNA from both B. subtilis strains 168 and 3610. The genes necessary for the swarming BioBrick and rocF BioBrick will then hopefully be obtained from the genomic DNA using PCR.



At the end of the DNA precipitation step, we observed a small white pellet in all the eppendorf tubes.


The experiment was a success! The quality of the extracted DNA will be checked by using PCR on 28th July, 2010.

Preparation for cloning of the rocF BioBrick


Yesterday, we transformed E. coli DH5α with pSB1C3 and pSB1AK3 with BBa_B0014. After checking the plates today for colonies we observed lots of pink colonies on the pSB1C3 plates and numerous white colonies on the pSB1AK3 with BBa_B0014 plates. Plates were then stored at 4°C as colonies will be used for minipreps.

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