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Arginine Test


The aim of this experiment is to determine whether B. subtilis 168 is able to take up external arginine.


Expected results

Arginine is an amino acid that is acidic. Therefore if B. subtilis 168 is able to take up arginine, it will cause a pH change in the media. This would result in an increase in pH.

  1. Control (1) - No change in pH
  2. Control (2) - No change in pH
  3. Control (3) - Increase in pH, however will be lower than test 1 and test 2.
  4. Test (1) - Increase in pH
  5. Test (2) - Increase in pH

For actual results, please see 23.07.10 lab results.


For experimental conclusion, please see 23.07.2010 lab results.

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