Team:METU Turkey/Collaboration





We have performed beta testing of the algorithm developed by METU_TURKEY_SOFTWARE and the BioGUIDE software has been performed by METU_TURKEY on case studies. Moreover we have tested some constructs which are some protein generators we interested and some mostly searched biobricks including constructs with the software program. This Bio Guide Version 1.0 has been developed for 2010 competition, to increase usability of parts and to provide relations and to find I/O informations, with our algorithm. With this development and its mostly related developed survey which has been related with further development and standardization of the Part Registry and bottlenecks about Submission of parts and their characterization data processing.

In case studies, we have concantrated on easy usage and understandable, user-friendly software program. Then, we assumed to find a promoter which would have 3 different features such as looking for placI promoter. For now, in the limited time the program has been developed well and considering most of standardization rules generally provided in part pages. Also, needs of further standardization of the part registry have been discussed, causing to start a survey conducted by the software team.

Therefore, with the help of analyzing of a part, they could develop further with novel functions. And, in the Parts registry system, via colloborations with us, the system has been modelled and stimulated by the software team.


We have participated into two survey conducted by METU_TURKEY_SOFTWARE and Mexico_UNAM Teams. First of them is mostly related with us to develop more usable the new registry. And, second one is about synthetic biology concept knowledge and spreading over new younger scientists.