Team:Hong Kong-CUHK/Team advisors




Prof. Chan King Ming

Dr. King Ming Chan is an Associate Professor of School of Life Sciences and Director of Environmental Science Program, Faculty of Science, Chinese University. His research focuses on Aquatic Toxicology and Molecular Endocrinology using fish models. Recent studies are mainly on transgenic fish over-expressing somatolactin hormone for functional study and use of biomarkers of exposures to study the risk of environmental contaminants including pesticides, trace organics, nanoparticles, and metal ions in waters. Dr. Chan also studies the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression and transcription, focusing on understanding how metal-regulatory-element-binding transcription factors  (MTFs) control metallothionein genes and how Pit-1s control pituitary polypeptide hormone genes.



Prof. Chan Ting Fung

Dr. Ting-Fung Chan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences, and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Microbial Genomics and Proteomics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  He is the Coordinator of the iGEM CUHK team.   Research mainly focuses in genomics and bioinformatics of microbial pathogens and complex human phenotypes.  He enjoys talking about science, but even more so for toys: Mindstorms NXT, RX-178, 5D Mk-II, LX200-ACF, YAS-875EX, and iGEM.  Wishing his students would comprehend the fun and excitement of all aforementioned, but if that is not possible then at the very least, iGEM.



Prof. Kong Siu Kai

Dr. SK Kong is a Professor in the School of Life Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the Biochemistry programme, Dr. Kong is responsible for the immunology, fluorescence techniques and clinical biochemistry teaching. Dr. Kong's research interests are (1) to identify the mechanisms how cancer cells bypass the cell death programme to become the immortal & drug-resistant cell type, and (2) to learn how erythrocytes perform the cell death programme without the involvement of mitochondria, lysosomes and other organelles.


Allen Yu

Allen Yu is a PHD student in CUHK School of Life Sciences, focusing on bacterial and bioinformatics related research. Allen is interested in violin, piano, photography, sports, hiking, graphics design, computer games... almost everything.




Marco Li

Graduate student out from the comfort wet-lab zone. Playing with bioinformatics and interested in science. Science is fun, afterall.





Ling Yick Hin

Hi! I'm Hin and currently working as a research assistant. With long working hour and heavy workload, I miss the day when I was a student. Advicing the iGEM team is fun and I can see their passion for sciences. I hope the iGEM team can enjoy this opportunity. Afterall, sciences is fun, but life is hard.