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Human Practice

Human Practice


As the concern of information security has risen nowadays, we have designed a short questionnaire to survey the public awareness of information protection, along with the development of bacteria-based encryption, which is related to our project. 81 people successfully submitted the questionnaire. The result is shown below:



From the result, it is found that:

  • 70% of them thought the data storage in our daily life are not secured enough. There is a great potential application in developing a secure data storage method.
  • Most of them (~60%) use Hard disk or USB to store important data.  They also worried about the maximum capacity of their storage devices. In addition, about half of them thought that the devices are too delicate to store important data. Moreover, most of them thought that the data could be store for around 5 years only.
  • Many of them are looking forward to the development of bio-computer in the future.
  • Only few of them can relate bio-encryption with bacteria.


In our questionnaire, we collected the idea of other iGEM teams and the public about our project. Some of them concern about raising environmental problem if bacteria are used as storage and encryption device. Their concern includes:

  • Garbaging old parts when they are out of date or not working
  • Causing Biochemical crisis or hygiene problem
  • Get disease or contaminate something if not properly handled, and it is used by wide public which make it more dangerous
  • Mutation problem
  • Disposal, spreading of bacteria

Only very few people understand that using non-pathogenic strain of bacteria will not raise environmental problem