What we did for others: We participated in a Human Practices interview for Sheffield. We filled in a survey for METU Turkey, Mexico and Edinburgh We provided code snippets for Lyon

We visited the TU Delft iGEM team.

Attribution and Contribution

We thank the departments of Molecular Genetics and Microbial Physiology for using their space and equipment. We thank Jan Zagers for using his equipment. We thank Oscar Kuipers and Dennis Claessen for their advice, support and ongoing assistance. We thank Jan-Willem Veening, Martijn Herbers, Auke van Heel, Robin Sorg and Akos Kovacs for their support and advice. We thank Eize Stamhuis and Natan Hoefnagel who invited us in their laboratory in Bremen for measurements on surface activity of chaplin coated objects. We thank our sponsors without whom our trip to Boston would not have been possible.

And last but not least we thank our advisors: