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For us, the synthetic biological mission didn't end at raising a project. We also wished to build continuity and atract in advanced young minds for the years to come. Part of this effort included looking in media tools to raise awareness about synthetic biology and iGEM. From day one we put a project subgoal of reaching over a million potential readers (10% of the Hungarian population) and targeting young readers ages 15-30. In practice we exceeded nearly twice our initial quatua, thus the effort was very succsseful. Here we present the articles and media involved.

Népszabadság (iGEM article published on June 17th, 2010)

Népszabadság is a large "left" Hungarian newspaper, founded in 1956. "Népszabadság" literally means "People's Freedom", and is a reference to the paper's communist roots. This newspaper is mostly owned by foreign media interests (the Swiss publishing house Ringier) although the Szabad Sajtó foundation, created by the MSZP party, owns 26.7% of Népszabadság's shares. Népszabadság has had the largest circulation (up until very recently). To date, the circulation (2010) stands on 550 thousand web visitors and 89 thousand printed copy's a day.

The featured article about our team, titled "bacteria from lego" ,was featured on June 17th, 2010.

Click here to download the article in Hungarian, or here for a translated version.

Index (iGEM article published on July 21st, 2010) is one of the most popular Hungarian language internet news portals and message boards. It was started in 1995 as, later renamed Among the strong points of is its alliance with, the leading Hungarian automotive news and test portal and linking to Tékozló Homár (lit. "Prodigal Lobster"), a consumerism-bashing blog. Index has 850 thousand individual web vistors per day.

The featured article about our team, titled "Hungarian students against oil pollution" ,was featured on July 21st, 2010. Click here to download the article in Hungarian, or here for a "google translation assisted version" (we appologize for the slight errors in translation).

University magazines

Egészségcentrum (iGEM article published on October 18th, 2010)


University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Centre (UD-MHSC) publish an educational magazine titled Egészségcentrum since 2004 for in- and out-patients treated in the entire Centre. The main issue of publishing the magazine is the prevention of diseases. The health-related articles in the Egészségcentrum review the diagnosis, medication and prevention of various diseases as well as the latest available medical tests, treatments and healing procedures in the UD-MHSC. The magazine is published four times in a year in 11000 copies. Click here for the official web site of the magazine.

The featured article about our team, titled "Students from Debrecen are participating biotechnology competition in the U.S" was featured on October 18th, 2010. Click here to download the article in Hungarian, or here for a "full translated version".

Medikuslap (iGEM article published on September 2010)

The University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Centre students’ community has its own periodical paper, called ‘Medikus Lap’ (in English: ‘Medical Students’ Paper’). It comes out every month during the academic year, 8 issues annually. During the 2000 years the Students’ Union of Faculty of General Medicine tried to start a new paper. The first success came in the spring of 2004, when some enthusiastic student made an issue for the biggest annual student event, called ‘Medikus Hét’ (in English: ‘Medical Students’ Week’). After it on the autumn of 2004 a new paper was started with the title ‘MadIQs Lap’, had only 5 issues. In 2006 a new team started work in the Students’ Union and the students’ paper was reformed. Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Attila Rácz and designer András Jakab a totally new paper, the ‘Medikus Lap’ come out in monthly regularity. During summer Attila Rácz left to Cologne one year for ERASMUS studies thus a new editor-in-chief Levente Lánczi was promoted. Lánczis team followed the pathway designed by Rácz and the paper developed well. During the period 2006-2010 altogether 30 issues was published. From the beginning the editors goal was to publish both Hungarian and English articles, and for now in every issue there are at least some English language article or interview.
Click here to download the article in English.