Team:Debrecen-Hungary/AKG team



Team Debrecen this year collaborated with AKG school from Budapest over the summer. The principle of the project to us is both innovation and education. The three diligent students commuted between Budapest and Debrecen in order to join the team. The vision is to expand the high school students' interests regarding scientific community and to teach them how to work in a laboratory environment. Their effort will be revealed in our result.

Alternative Secondary School of Economics (AKG)

Alternatív Közgazdasági Gimnázium ("Alternative Secondary School of Economics") is a six-year high school in Budapest, Hungary. AKG had the distinction of being the first foundation school in Hungary (established in 1988).The school was established as an independent teachers' workshop. Its founders and organisers were all practising educators, who created and developed the educational program in the course of more than two years. The basic educational principle of the school is that a child is not preparing for life but is living it. The school has given up the traditional instruments of institutional regulation, including house rules, systems of punishment and reward. These have been replaced with the free flow of information and the freedom of choice, emphasising the individual personalities of students, and taking into account their personal needs and concerns. The nature of this freedom changes along with the different stages of the students' life in the school.

Alexandra Sólyom

Alexandra Sólyom is now finishing the twelfth year in Alternative Secondary School of Economics. She is interested in the joint of biology, informatics and engineering. She is very glad about this opportunity of participating in an international competition. Being involved in such a talented group, she is looking forward to learning with enthusiasm.

Dorottya Jakab

Dorottya is a student in Alternative Secondary School of Economics. She enjoys everything in science, especially in biology. And she likes to take challenges as she teaches cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the school. Being a doctor is her future dream. She has attended an international competition of economy, and this time would love to rise to another challenge.

Áron Székely

Aron is a high school student, he is learning in the Alternative Secondary School of Economics. He is now starting his tenth grade which is the point of discovering all sorts of disciplines. One of his favorite he finds it fascinating is science.And iGEM project was his first international competition. He says it was a great challenge and a great fun to take part in.