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Version 1


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“Genetic double click system” - version 1 is based on the AND-gate which can be switched only when the same inputs are given twice in quick succession. This system requires the operations which never happen naturally to turn on the switch. So, we believe that this is a kind of safety device. System requires first input to be transient in order to allow second input. Unlike chemical inputs, light inputs are more suitable for this system because it does not remain after inputting. But, there is no light sensor with good sensitivity. So, we produced artificially transient input by AHL inputting and washing. Next, this system is required to memorize the transient first input since this system is based on AND gate. In addition, this system requires fixed time between the first and second input like a computer mouse to recognize double-click and two separated single-clicks as different, so, this system is required to memorize the transient first input temporarily. In our first circuit design, we compose a pulse-generator to memorize the input temporarily. Further more, the system is designed based on combination of a Fast-pulse and a Slow-pulse. detail...

Circuit Construction

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The circuit consists of a pulse-generator and two inverters which can be seemed as a slow pulse.In this system, we use AHL as input and GFP output. So when there is AHL added, Lux promoter will be activated. The transcription factors of output are T7 RNA Polymerase and cI repressor. detail...


Plasmid Construction

Testing individual parts

Evaluating Core Devices

Whole System